The Most Beautiful Words



Our Pucacaca next door neighbor, Jhon, on Hogar Ezekiel opening day, Pucacaca.  (We now live in 2 different cities)

I am not sure if you all realize that we missionaries believe our ultimate goal in every location is to work ourselves out of a job.  Well, poco a poco it seems that we are starting to do just that!


Yesterday we reopened the Ezekiel home in Pucacaca.  After months of God-sent setbacks we were so excited to be back with the kids we have come to know so well.  It was a beautiful reunion singing God’s praises together again and praying on our knees the Divine Mercy Chaplet in the front room again.  We were so overjoyed at God’s generosity.  Yet His most generous gift came later on in the evening.  Teresa and I had just put the kids to bed and were cleaning up when we heard a loud child’s voice in the house next door.  We both stopped and listened.  It was our little neighbor Jhon (yes that is how it is spelled) was praying.  We were so astounded.  This is boy we have been neighbors to since we got here.  He lives with his grandmother, Laylita and no other adults.  His 10 year old sister Lleri (pronounced Jerry) often has had to miss school to stay at home with Jhon and his two brothers Jordan and Abyu.  He has always been a bit of a trouble maker but we really like him.  He is Isaac’s best friend in Peru.  Here he was praying speaking to the God who loves him and his poor family so much.  We both felt we were hearing something sacred.  He prayed for a long time:)


Another blessing just as beautiful happened 2 weeks ago.  About a month ago, Teresa and I were trying to figure out various ways to evangelize the adults in our community.  We recently had a marriage with four couples from our town who had their marriages blessed in the Church.  Before them there was only one married couple in our town.  The adults prefer to simply live together without marriage.  We decided to offer a communion service at 8:30 AM on Monday for the moms so they could start their week of with Jesus in a special way.  Teresa and I went for two Mondays and not even one mom showed up.  We felt like the idea was good but seemed to miss the mark somehow.  Then 2 weeks ago some of the young men from the high school asked us if we could do it earlier because they wanted to come.  We knew it was Jesus asking us to give a little more to the youth so we changed the time to 6AM.  The young people here often go running at 3:30 AM, yes AM.  I have gone twice but let’s just say I am not quite used to getting up so early and running a couple miles.  Since they are used to getting up so early and school starts at 7AM, the 6AM service has worked out so well.  We get 5 or 6 young people who want a little more from Jesus.  Some of these youth have never even been baptized but they have such an amazing faith and desire.  God is so good!


I have realized the most beautiful words said by man are not those we often cherish in great collections of masterworks, they are not even written down on paper or stone, they are simple words of a loving heart seeking the one it was made for.  I pray each of you will also encounter the great desire to encounter Jesus in the great adventure, Love’s encounter and love’s embrace.