My Peruvian Mission by 12 year old Moses Kiehl


My family. I am sitting in front of my dad and next to my little sister Gemma.

Hello. My name is Moses Aaron Kiehl. I’m a missionary in Peru. I’m 12 years old. I am living in a country of poor but AMAZING people. They are such beautiful people, the Peruvians. They are very loving people. We arrived here in February 2015. We got here with a single, Noah Cantrell, and another family of 8, the Schmidts. There were already 5 singles here, 3 guys and 2 girls.


Padre Leopoldo on the left and Padre Paco to the right.

When we got to Peru, we were picked up by Russ, one of the single guys, and Father Paco and Father Leopoldo. We are very blessed to be working with these priests. They are like Laurel and Hardy. One short and round, one skinny and tall. After living in Peru for about a month, we moved to a smaller town called Pucacaca, which in Kichwa, an Indian language they speak in Peru, means coloured dirt or clay. Cool, huh? We started school a little bit before we moved. I started in 7th grade. The school year here is different. It starts in March and ends in December. I was kind of shy in my middle school the first few days, but it was a small school, so I quickly got over it. My best friends are Willy, a kid who is smaller and older than me, and Vanessa, a girl who towers over Willy and I.

Here in Pucacaca, the faith is strong, but smaller. We have masses here every Thursday, and communion services and catechism on Sunday. The people going to mass are very good people in their faith. On the 28th of June, we had 24 baptisms and 27 first communions. GOD IS GOOD!!! We also have our house opened up as a house for kids, called the Ezekiel Home. Here kids can learn guitar, drawing, art, and even card magic. There are also Bible studies, choir practice, English, and more. The kids love it and will come even earlier then 3, which is when it starts. It ends at 6. We Gringos also participate in the classes.


Me jumping off at the Ahuashiyacu waterfalls.

We also go to Pueblos, which are little villages. We go to Sedasisa, which is about 1 hr away. We also have Chinch Alta, Nuevo Codo, Shimbillo, Villa Nueva del Rio, Villa Nueva Reubicada and Cedro Pampa which is across the river. We have to take a canoe to get there.

I also sometimes work in the chocolate factory, Makao, which is just down the street. Most recently, I was translating export papers with the owner. The boys make the boxes that the chocolate goes in. We are paid in chocolate. My mom really loves that part. Here we are all Seguidores de Cristo (Followers of Christ). The food here is good. They have juanes, which are rice balls with a piece of chicken and an olive in it, supposedly based on the story from the Bible about the beheading of Saint John the Baptist.  The juane represents his head.  They have salchi-papas, which are french fries and sliced hot dog, and salchi-pollos, which is fried chicken and french fries.  It’s not all as good as the US, but it’s not bad.
And lastly, please pray for Pucacaca and missionaries of all the world. Thanks. Big Mo.


Part of our market where we buy our food.


The boats we need to take to cross the river.


Me with my dad and the guy missionaries Russ and Noah on a bridge in Picota over the Huallaga River.